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Our product goes beyond just simple EHR and operates as a full management tool, allowing you and your facility to operate and maintain all your data seamlessly and through one system.

Helping our customers pursue their Meaningful Use Certification is our top priority. Meaningful Use of Certified EHR Technology is a key prerequisite for determining the eligibility of health care providers

Explore the software functions and customize SMART’s Electronic Health Record to meet your treatment facility’s needs.

Who We Are

For more than 20 years, SMART’s expertise in managing substance abuse treatment facilities and partnerships with EHR Software customers from around the world has fueled our software innovations. SMART’s Software helps national outpatient substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral health organizations become some of the most effective and efficient treatment providers in the industry. 



See How SMART's EHR Can Simplify Your Workflow

SMART’s EHR Software is a comprehensive paperless electronic health record. SMART Software provides automated solutions to address the critical business functions of Insurance Billing, Admissions, Clinical and Medical Service Delivery, Incident Report Management and the Quality Control reports needed to effectively manage your treatment facility.


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Whether you operate medication-assisted treatment, outpatient, mental health, residential or a combination of services – SMART Software is all you will need. We know that centralizing and sharing data is critical with today’s demands for efficiency.  SMART’s EHR sets the stage for managing multiple locations and/or modalities within one software application.